How I can earn money from Fruit Trees?
There are several ways of earning money. The main is growing fruit trees and selling harvest on the market, additional ways – surfing sites, taking part in contest etc.

Do you have point, cash points and any other limits?
There are no additional limits. The minimum amount of withdrawal is 1 ruble. In all other cases you can get all money you earn.

Is there an affiliate program in the game?
We pay 8% of all deposits of level 1 referrals and 2% of level 2 referrals. All funds are credited to the account for withdrawal. You can participate in the affiliate program without your own Deposit. To do this, it is enough to replenish your account with the minimum amount to open payments.

Can I register multiple accounts in a project?
No. If multiple accounts are created by the same participant, all accounts will be blocked without refunding invested money

How long will the project work?
It depends on the activity and loyalty of the participants. In turn, we promise to honestly pay all players their income, as well as the payment of at least 95% of the reserve to all project participants (the remaining 5% is the cost of advertising, site support and administrator income).

If you still have questions, please contact our technical support!