About the project

Fruit Trees - is a game simulator with the possibility to gain and withdraw money. All you need is to register in the project, develop your fruit tree and earn money!

After the registration each participant gets apple tree as a gift.

Fruit trees
There are seven fruit trees in the project to plant and develop your garden

Developing gardens
Buy fruit trees and develop your garden

Collecting harvests
Collect harvest and sell it on the market for real money

Withdrawing money
Withdraw money gained from this project by any means

Project marketing


Income per month: 10%
Lifespan: 450 days
Price: 10 rub.

Income per month: 15%
Lifespan: 300 days
Price: 50 rub.

Income per month: 17.5%
Lifespan: 257 days
Price: 100 rub.

Income per month: 20%
Lifespan: 225 days
Price: 250 rub.

Income per month: 25%
Lifespan: 180 days
Price: 500 rub.

Income per month: 30%
Lifespan: 150 days
Price: 1000 rub.

Income per month: 32.5%
Price: 2500 rub.

Income per month: 35%
Price: 5000 rub.